Facility Management

We do not offer separate or general facility management services that only involve the keeping of accounts for associations of unit owners. We offer a "PACKAGE" that includes all services.

Flat Administration

This is essential part of facility management consisting in the keeping of accounts and the management of payments for energy and services used by the flat owner. It includes records of payments made by the flat owner, payments of invoices of the utility and other service providers, records of arrears, debts, the issue of collection letters or penalty invoices, etc.
A matter of course is the processing of annual accounts and billing of energy and services in compliance with the deadlines stipulated by valid legislation.
Since we believe that the satisfaction of tenants with their homes and standard of living is associated with the cleanliness and order in their living environment we offer the regular cleaning of common premises in residential buildings. 

Technical Flat-Related Services

We offer assistance in arranging orders for the repair of defects that may occur in flats or residential buildings.
Furthermore, we offer inspections of the technical condition and functioning of various equipment, installations and furnishings, as well as other flat-related services during the absence of the flat owners, including plant watering, ventilation, heating control, mail collection, security checks (identifying potential damage to the flat and its furnishing), etc. Upon the request of the flat owner, we can arrange flat cleaning, window or car washing, etc.