Other Above-Standard Services

Apart from our standard services, we also offer additional comprehensive services. We will relieve you of your worries, boost the quality of your business and your business contacts with your partners.

Central register of debtorsCENTRAL REGISTER OF DEBTORS (CERD)

We will propose which debtor should be submitted in the Central Register of Debtors (CERD) and do it for you. The debtor will be automatically and regularly reminded to pay your claim.

Proposed procedure with a 14-day interval:

  1. Sending of first standard collection letter
  2. Sending of second collection letter with information on the publication of the debtor in CERD.
  3. Registration of the debtor in CERD and notice on publication
  4. Sending of notice on the submission of the debt to a law office
  5. Collection of debt by legal means


Tax refund in the EU
Tax Refund in the EU

Are you purchasing products or services in EU member states and need to apply for a VAT refund in any of these countries. We will file an application for the tax refund on your behalf. The VAT refund may take more than 6 months from the date of delivery.
Especially Germany, refunds tax after this period, which is stipulated to 4 months by the applicable EU directive.
Do not hesitate and contact us as soon as possible.

Data mailboxes
​Data Mailboxes

As trust and confidentiality are an intrinsic part of our work, we manage our clients' data mailboxes as they simplify our communication with state administration.
We are immediately informed of any requirements of the administrative bodies, insurance companies and revenue offices. We can immediately respond to these requirements and fulfil them.
We are also able to archive all incoming and outgoing message without any time limitations.